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Cost has always been a major obstacle, which prevents people from buying energy-efficient LED bulbs. Now, OSRAM Optoelectronics (OsramOptoSemiconductors), the largest LED manufacturer in the world, says it has perfected technology to significantly reduce production costs for LED.
In June 12th, the analysis of Darcy Travlos published by the Forbes magazine website said that Apple TV will change the current television industry and will be the main driving force for the company's future revenue.
Shenzhen Qinyu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional PCB circuit board manufacturing high-tech enterprise, focusing on the development and production of high precision multi-layer board and special board. The company was founded in 2003, has a plant area of 30000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 650 people, the monthly production capacity of 70000 square meters.

The company has a professional technical development team, master the industry advanced technology, with reliable production equipment, testing equipment and complete functional physical and chemical laboratory. Specializing in the production of 2-18 layers of high precision printed circuit board, HDI board, high TG thick copper plate, soft and hard bonding board, high frequency plate, mixed medium laminate, blind hole board, metal substrate and halogen free plate. Currently has a high-precision CNC drilling, Jing-ming, Taiwan automatic of PTH, electroplating production line, Taiwan rim of the machine, CSUN parallel exposure machine, CSUN Dry Film Laminator, automated nickel-gold thread, OSP, HASL production line The full set of advanced production equipment; The company has 100,000 clean room to meet customers' need on board high-precision requirements. Specialized laboratory for specific customer requirements with the corresponding experimental and analytical data to ensure product reliability, the company's monthly production of double-sided circuit board of 30,000 square meters, 30000 square meters of multi-layer circuit board, 10000 square meters of HDI circuit board, These products of high quality have been widely used in various hi-tech fields, such as communications, industrial control, power electronic equipment, computers, medical equipment, security electronics, consumer electronics and automotive electronics. PCB products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

In recent years, the implementation of professional ERP management system, production through the ERP system for material procurement, human resources, production planning, delivery and other enterprise resources to unified allocation, to provide customers with accurate delivery time and quality products. The company is committed to cleaner production, and the quality of products is in line with IPC 600H, ROHS, REACH and WEEE directive standards.

As the leading PCB board service provider, with the characteristics of "excellent quality, accurate delivery and good price", the service provider takes the core values of "adhering to customer orientation and pursuing excellent quality" and providing high quality, fast and satisfactory service to customers at home and abroad. Looking forward to the future, we have a bright future. We are faithful and persistent. We must seize opportunities and meet challenges. We will work together to achieve win-win development and create a better tomorrow.
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